2022 is the last year physicians can qualify for a 5% AAPM bonus. Will your ACO meet the QP Threshold?

  • Physicians with QP status received average 2021 bonus payments of $3,600
  • More than 40 percent of ACOs will participate in a qualifying AAPM in 2022
  • Nearly one in five eligible ACOs risk falling below the QP threshold
  • ACOs with a high proportion of specialist physicians are more likely to fall short
  • CMS doesn’t give ACOs enough information to determine if they will qualify in 2022

The Institute for Accountable Care (IAC) can provide the information you need to maximize your ACO’s chances of earning a QP bonus.

  • Our database with 100% of Medicare claims lets us profile Part B service use for every physician group in the country.
  • We tell you how each physician group contributes to your ACO’s overall QP score.
  • We show you the impact of making changes to your provider list including the addition of new groups to your ACO for 2022.
  • We can calculate how much your physicians will earn if they qualify for the bonus.
  • We can show how your choice of prospective or retrospective attribution will affect your QP score.
  • More detail about our QP services can be found here.

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