Meera Srinivasan, MS

Senior Data Scientist

Meera Srinivasan, MS, is a statistician experienced in handling large datasets from finance to healthcare claims. She occupies one of the Institute’s seats on the CMS Virtual Research Data Center where she works on the Medicare claims data. Prior to joining the Institute, Meera spent five years as a Biostatistician Contractor for the Centers for Disease Control, working on public health studies in diabetes research, and contributing technical expertise to epidemiological investigations and publications. In this role, in addition to using publicly available survey datasets, she also analyzed administrative claims data including Medicare Parts A and B, focusing on diabetes prevalence, incidence, and trends. Earlier in her career, Meera worked in finance and marketing as a statistician, and has broad experience in predictive methods like time series, forecasting, regression, and machine learning. She received her BS in Finance from University of Maryland and her MS in Applied Statistics from George Mason University.