Session 1: Developing a Strategy for Addressing SDOH and Establishing Community Partnerships

This meeting was divided into two sections. In the section, we focused on establishing a context and framework for developing a high level SDOH strategy. We also discussed approaches for bringing community stakeholders together to help finance efforts to address social determinants. The second section focused on establishing community partnerships and building a framework for community partner relationships. The discussion included approaches to identifying and evaluating community partners; establishing effective contracts with community partners; governance structures; performance metrics; information sharing; incident reporting; and closed-loop referral platform options. We also heard from a community-based social service agency about the challenges and success factors it encountered working in partnership with local ACOs.

SDOH Agenda

Collaborative Approach to Public Good Investments (CAPGI): A Sustainable Financing Tool For Communities
Presenters: Len Nichols, Professor Emeritus at George Mason University
Date: September 24, 2021
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Building a Strategy to Address Social Determinants of Health
Presenters: Denise Prince, SVP, COO Population Health and Ashley Fitch, Director, Community Health Innovations & Partnerships, Mount Sinai Health System
Date: September 29, 2021
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